Are my data backed up?

Android version

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Manual Backup

We use Google Drive to backup your data. If you go to More > Backup and Restore and tap Backup, we will ask Google to save your data.

Once the backup is successful, you should see small toast confirmation "Yay! Backup created" and the date of your backup will be changed. If you see this Google has sent us a message that your data has been stored safely.

Automatic backup

When you turn on the backups, Daylio will automatically backup your data once a day.

If for some reason backup fails (connectivity issues, phone turned off, data roaming, backup server issues, blocked app by 3rd party app), the application is trying to repeat the action later again. After few failed attempts we will let you know that error occurred and ask you to backup data manually. The setting will stay on and next day we will try to backup again.

iOS version

Daylio currently relies on the phone backups you do via iCloud or iTunes. We will add the iCloud app backup in the near future.

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